23 April 2013

Public Enemy And The Impossebulls

From blocSonic netlabel, "Thirteen years ago... The Impossebulls began as a group of international Public Enemy fans joining forces with the Hard Rhymer himself, Mr. Chuck D, fellow PE member Professor Griff and long time PE collaborator Kyle Jason on a song railing against the major music industry entitled 'We Don’t Need You'."

Earlier this month, an anthology of the first ten years of The Impossebulls, Made by History (Decade One: 2000-2010), was released  on blocSonic.
Over the years, they’ve developed a rich body of work that this retrospective does a great job of shining a light on. With blocSonic as a partner to help them get their incredible hip-hop music out to the world, they’re ready to continue to bring you the REAL. Get to know some of what they’ve already done and get ready for what they’re going to do!
... Thank you to Chuck D, without whom the ‘Bulls wouldn’t exist! 
Today, Enemy Among Us was released on blocSonic.
In honor of the induction of Public Enemy into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, The Impossebulls have prepared this special EP release to celebrate the important place that PE holds in the hearts and minds of a whole generation of music fans, musicians and artists. Thank you Public Enemy for continuing to show the way. You’ve remained an important voice of reason in an increasingly mad world.

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