30 April 2013

Luxurious Beats

Biga's album B Sides is out now! Fans of his comrade Digi G’Alessio, Brazilian loops, and hip hop beats will enjoy this one.

"Welcome to the eternal summer in the gardens of hip-hop! Life here is easy. Let yourself be refreshed by the light sampling breeze, away from hectic lifestyles and noisy streets. Dressed with an immaculate white kimono, you will be baptized in the fountain of holy funkiness, while angelic voices sing softly over non-quantized rhythms. Immerse yourself into Biga’s universe and let the dream come true."

license: Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported 

[This album uses samples that are certainly not cleared, such as those of Astrid Gilberto. At the same time, this album also allows no sampling?]

Location: Florence, Italy

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