15 April 2013

Kevin Seconds Solo

7 Seconds was formed in the 1980s and remains among the longest lived of any group from the first wave of California hardcore punk with legendary records, like Crew and Walk Together, Rock Together.

Frontman Kevin Seconds continues to perform and record with 7 Seconds and has branched out into other avenues with his solo work. His release Don't Let Me Lose Ya is far from hardcore. The album is singer-songwriter relaxed rock and American folk "with the vitality of someone who is content to follow his muse," to quote Quote Unquote Records.

The album's label, Asian Man Records, describes it this way:

"Kevin Seconds' new album makes apparent what longtime fans already know: Kevin Seconds is a pop troubadour with a protest singer's heart, writing catchy, impeccably well-crafted tunes. "

Don't Let Me Lose Ya is available for free download with a suggested donation of $5. You can also purchase the album in LP, CD, and cassette formats at Asian Man Records.

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