11 April 2013

Acoustic Work from Sergi Boal of Barcelona

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Sergi Boal of Barcelona studied classical guitar studies, flamenco guitar, and oud with masters. In his work Silenci, he composed for trumpet, cello, oud, and voice with the guitar as the central instrument.

Boal writes that Silenci "reflects a mood, a declaration of intentions, in this convulsed times. The first notes the work, an Oud solo..., it is a metaphorical way to say that the music is a spiritual thing, and you have to sit down, cease your minds, and only listen to. i think you will need to listen this work during a Sunday evening, in the dawn, during a raining day or just when the house is almost in silence. Like the last word in the David Linch’s film Muholland Drive:.. 'silence'…. My intention is summarized in the words written on the back cover (translation from the Catalan language)."

The silence is the origin
The absence of sounds
The silence is the utopia
listen to the silence, not to the noise.

Silenci was released yesterday on Acustronica and is available for download.

License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives

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