09 March 2013

Ill Papa Giraffe

Black Lantern Music out of Scotland is a favorite label at Rancho Oddio. They just keep putting out fabulous hip hop from the highly polished to the humble.

Now Black Lantern Music presents the debut album by Ill Papa Giraffe, hip-hop coming straight out of Edinburgh. We love it.

Much below is copied directly from the release info, because I had to get this release into the post queue as soon as I heard the album. I love that Scotland hip hop scene and hope you will, too. Thinkers rapping a mile a minute up there! ~katya

Ill Papa Giraffe is made up of rapper Tickle of Burning Bright and Chemical Poets (both are Oddio favorites), superproducer Konnsky, producer for a whole host of Edinburgh rappers and DJ Symatic, who provides cuts for Burning Bright, some epic live guitar laid down by Sandy Galloway.

Tickle's distinctive, firebrand, politicized lyrics place him at the forefront of Scotland's new wave of hip-hop artists. Throughout the album (and his other projects), his technically flawless double-time rhymes and clear-eyed, conscious lyrics are reconfigured as hook-driven, crowd-pleasing hip hop anthems.

Ill Papa Giraffe are already blowing up the Internet with their addictive first single, "Love The Government", which features a kitten-themed video from director/animator Rob Wakefield. (Is that a clip from Yes Minister?)

With tracks of funk and jazz-filled breaks, insanely catchy choruses and mind-blowing verbal acrobatics, Ill Papa Giraffe are aiming straight for the heart of pop and rap fans everywhere, and is destined to be seen as one of the seminal albums in the history of Scottish rap. Get on board now!

Available now as a pay-what-you-can download from Ill Papa Giraffe's Bandcamp. Physical copies, too!

album license: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Generic