26 March 2013

Get Your Dark Industrial Fix with Deuxvolt

After playing for years in various industrial, dark and goth projects, Olympia, Shade, and Just combined their powers to create something new, Deuxvolt, uniting gothic, techno, dance, industrial, and classical. Pounding beats drive industrial layers of sound, synthethizersclassical instruments, such as piano, violin, and harpsichord, and a variety of vocal styles, including classical voice.

Last February, the band released the album Union of Opposites following a modern model of promotion: the Social Pay model. They ask downloaders to support Deuxvolt through social networks (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) or in any other way of spreading the word and promoting the album.

In October, the Art Director JustDeux launched his electronic album The Dance Machine with the same Social Pays stipulation. This release was hand-in-hand with his Worldwide Industrial Dance Contest in cooperation with DasKlub, the largest Industrial Dance Kommunity. The best dancers were awarded earlier this year.

Some time back, Deuxvolt also released a horror mix that is sure to get the ghouls at your next Halloween party on the dance floor.

Official Website | Facebook | SoundCloud | YouTube | ReverbNation

license: varies by album, see official website for each license

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