15 March 2013

808 State's O.T.E.P

808 State are a British electronic group who take their name from the Roland TR-808 drum machine. Since 1987, they have been making top-notch electronica (house, techno, electronica, rave, acid house, experimental, ambient house, New Wave, and Madchester) and are considered pioneers of the acid house sound. At Rancho Oddio, several 808 State CDs are beloved, including 90 / Utd. State 90 and Gorgeous.

At the official 808 State website, the band offer their free EP O.T.E.P. to visitors in exchange for email address.

Their first Top 10 UK single was "Pacific State," a chillout anthem and perhaps the only hit single ever featuring an electronic clarinet. Listen to travel back to 1989!

You may also remember "Cubik" which can be considered their signature song, another Top 10 UK single.