22 February 2013

Vox Novus

Vox Novus is a collective of composers, musicians, and music enthusiasts collaborating together to create, produce, promote, and enjoy the new music of today. The mission is to cultivate a music community and make artists' work available to the greater public.

Hundreds of works by contemporary composers are made available to you at no charge on the Vox Novus website.

From the Wikipedia entry for Vox Novus:

Vox Novus is the name of a New York City-based organization consisting of composers, musicians and music enthusiasts who state they want to support and spread new music. Vox Novus was founded by Robert Voisey to promote contemporary composers in 2000.
"This organization was created for the purposes of expanding the presence of contemporary music in the public's vision, empowering composers and contemporary musicians to create, produce, and promote their music. Vox Novus does this by the production of concerts, exposure on the Internet, and facilitating networking between professionals. Vox Novus promotes and produces contemporary music using repeatable methods and models that composers can take and use on their own. This way contemporary music can reach an ever wider audience thereby continuing the advancement of culture and art."

Vox Novus is most noted for its 60x60 project [an artistic project contain 60 one minute art performances by 60 composers], the Composer's Voice Concert Series, Fifteen Minutes of Fame music project, and the American Composer Timeline. Vox Novus has produced and promoted more than 300 concerts in over 20 countries around the world. The organization boasts more than 200 composer members including notable composers: Beth Anderson, Dennis Bathory-Kitsz, Jay Batzner, Noah Creshevsky, Emma Lou Diemer, Dennis Eberhard, David Gunn, Jennifer Higdon, Liana Alexandra, Mary Jane Leach, Mike McFerron, David Morneau, Serban Nichifor, Maggi Payne, Ruth Schonthal, Laurie Spiegel, Allen Strange, and Augusta Read Thomas.