20 February 2013

Solace Concept Album From Tettix

Solace, the latest album by Tettix, is a soundtrack to a game that does not exist.

"I see the composition and concepts of the game with great clarity," said Tettix in a Boing Boing interview, "but you can imagine whatever you like." Tettix offers the album and accompanying game concept artwork as a free download.

In yesterday's post at Boing Boing, Rob Beschizza wrote, "What could easily have been merely a clever idea insinuates itself into one's thoughts; every motif and mood seems perfectly tuned to an echo of gamers' collective memory. Sonorous, sleepy, otherworldly and tentative, it's hard to avoid the curious feeling that I played this years ago—and simply forgot."

See and hear for yourself at the official Tettix website. Donations accepted.

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