02 February 2013

Farewell Fighter

Tennessee power pop band Farewell Fighter is offering up their The Winning Team EP for free. You can support the band by purchasing it and their other music on iTunes, Amazon.com, or directly.

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Most individuals would think twice before giving up all their physical belongings, cutting ties and risking homelessness and starvation. In 2011, Nashville pop-rock quartet Farewell Fighter did just that. After topping Alternative Press Magazine’s list of 2010’s top unsigned bands in North America, the band decided to take things to the next level by scheduling show after show in self-booked, self-funded tours across America; ultimately spending the next 12 months on the road playing 150+ shows in more than 40 states and selling more than 5,500 copies of their latest self-released EP entitled The Way We Learn.

So, we decided that money should NEVER be an issue if you really want our music. Below is a link to download our ENTIRE first EP titled “The Winning Team”. We do ask, if you can afford it, that you download it on iTunes, Amazon.com, or order it from our merch store. We are an independent band and we can definitely use any extra funds possible to keep us on the road and our bills paid, but most of all we want you to have this whether you can pay for it or not.
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