05 January 2013

Classic Western from Red Eye Junction

Here's a classic Western style tune for you, a classic shoot-out tale.

"First Light of Dawn" from Better Days by Red Eye Junction

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The sheriff, a family and the man in the gallows
Stand waiting for the first light of dawn
The sheriff found him there
Near the border South of Tucson
He tracked him out a thousand miles across the range
He'd held a ticket for the morning train to Nogales
Had he caught it he'd a surely got away
A wife kissed her husband as he headed out that morning
She couldn't know that it would be her last good bye
She'll raise her son the best she can manage
Sell the business with the blood stains on the wall
When money’s owed it can mean a lot of pressure
He saw shadow in the back room of the store
He raised his gun but he hadn't meant to fire
A moments panic and a man fell to the floor

from Better Days
Reid Cain (BMI)