21 October 2012

Halloween Selections 3

Yes, creatures of the night, All Hallow's Eve is fast approaching. Below is the third dozen free albums and compilations at the Free Music Archive that the Oddiobots recommend for your ghoulish event.

To make a spooky 13, we also recommend that you check out the albums of Dr. Phibes and The Ten Plagues of Egypt.

From all of us at Oddio Headquarters, we wish you a very happy Halloween!

Eraserhead Tribute Compilation
Zyzzybalubah - Halloween LP
BLOB - Halloween
Ekleipsi Halloween Compilation
Teenage Strangler soundtrack
I Was A Teenage Strangler soundtrack
Itchy Creeps
The Itchy Creeps (2 songs)
Microhorror Comps
Microhorror Compilations by Dr. Von Pnok
Occultation - live on WFMU
Pandacetamol - Mind Murder Parts I-VI
SJ Mellia
SJ Mellia - FluffSkull EP
The Soft Moon - live on WFMU
T.O.M.B. - Satan's Palace, Order of the Black Wolf

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