13 August 2012

Recently Added to the FMA

Some albums recently added to the Free Music Archive by Oddio Overplay

Aaron Ximm - Handpans and the Hang
Aaron Ximm, also known as the Quiet American, is well-known for his One Minute Vacations project and his field recordings. In this casual recording, Ximm continues to be a quiet American as he experiments with a hang with calm, unearthly results....

Ant Neely - Not Fit For Human Consumption
Elements of Fat Boy Slim and John Barry collide with a mixture of funky beats, bleeps, old public domain voice recordings and orchestral textures. Contains elements of Morse Code, old educational film clips (courtesy of the Prelinger Archives) and is part of a Geotracking experiment....

Arrizabalaga, Bravo, Laginestra, Martinez - Contenido
Free-jazz improv from Spain featuring Pelayo Arrizabalaga of the Breuss Arrizabalaga Quintet

Various Artists [Freesound.org] - Walla Walla Walla 
Walla walla is the American term for atmospheric crowd background sounds in film and radio. In Japan, it is known as gaya, rhubarb the UK, rhabarber in Germany, and rabarbar in the Belguim, Netherlands, and Scandinavia.... This collection features actual groups and crowds recorded all over the world and generously donated for reuse at Freesound.org. Such recordings may be helpful to and appreciated by FMA visitors creating audio and video productions.