23 July 2012

gPodder Is a Life Changer

gPodder downloads and manages free audio and video content, also known as podcasts, on any subject you can imagine. When subject experts share their years of acquired knowledge in a book or an interview, you gain some of that hard-earned knowledge in only the time it takes to read, watch, or listen. That can be a real life changer!

Using gPodder, you can find, download, and then listen or watch directly on your computer or on your mobile devices. gPodder supports RSS, Atom, YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, and XSPF feeds. gPodder can also import your existing subscriptions from iTunes or from an OPML file.

gPodder is available for Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, Mac OS X and mobile devices, like the Nokia N810, N900 and N9.

The Oddio Team have used gPodder for six years, and have only the best reviews. 
  • We love how it can be set to automatically download new audio books, radio shows, and lectures. Then after we have listened to them, gPodder can mark them as old or delete them. 
  • We love the episode details window that gives synopses of audio and video content.
  • We love how gPodder lets us set up custom file names, like Name of Show - Episode Number - Title - Broadcast Date. This makes browsing files on devices much more convenient.
  • We love that we can stream shows we are not sure about to preview them before downloading.
  • We love how gPodder syncs up with mobile devices, replacing old content with new content. We always have fresh content!

We just love gPodder! It is free, open source, and works in most operating systems, so give it a go and feed your brain!

Download gPodder for Various Devices and Operating Systems

Next week, the Oddbots will share some of the audiobooks and podcasts they enjoy.