12 August 2011

The Misunderstood Wolf Suffers Again

Despite the rush of exciting fear from folktales, there is NOT ONE single case of wolves ever attacking and killing man on the North American continent. They may kill livestock man has introduced to the wolves native home, but has never killed man. (LISTEN or download mp3)

Get more info on the misunderstood wolf. While you are there, how about joining Robert Redford in taking action?

Robert Redford has long championed the cause of the wolf. Hear him [zip file] on the first side of this record narrating "The Wolf You Never Knew" for the American Museum of Natural History in 1971 [320 kb/s, 32 Mb].

You can also click to hear the recording in lower quality [3.5 Mb].

More bad news for the wolf. Last week, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the State of Wyoming announced that they had reached an agreement over Wyoming’s long-disputed wolf management plan. It has failed to commit to maintaining at least 15 breeding pairs of wolves in Wyoming, and it has designated wolves as predators that can be killed without a license in about 90% of the state.

Please take a moment to help save the wolves throughout America. Together we might convince the administration to stop the slaughter of wolves and return our small wolf population to the status of Endangered Species. Thank you.

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  1. I feel like there are so many creatures that are basically misunderstood and suffer for it. The alaska salmon is suffering because of it, too, as just one example. I wish people would just be more conscious of the world around them.


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