19 August 2011

Demand for The Weeknd

Everybody loves the weekend. Looks like everybody also loves The Weeknd, alternative R&B singer and his group. Their newest album Thursday was just released for free and already demand for it is maxxing out bandwidth limits on sites everywhere. You can get it from their official website when they recover from the stampede.

The first album blew through bandwidth, too, so give it some time, and you'll get your hands on the brand new album. Thanks to Soundcloud subscribers, you can listen to and download the tracks one at a time below. While you are at it, how about revisiting the the debut album House Of Balloons that landed in March?

Vocalist Abel Tesfaye might call to mind popular R&B artists like Justin Timberlake and Rihanna. The music and lyrics, however, are more experimental and darker, somber ballads drenched in sex and drugs. The song "Life of the Party" is already in overplay here.

Have yosef a sexy weekend wit Weeknd!

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Also! Live video footage of The Weeknd performing last month in hometown Otoronto