01 February 2011

Huun Huur Tu Tour

Huun Huur Tu is still on their US tour, so if you live in the North and East, do yourself the favor of an historic night out to see these Tuvan greats who are humbly playing at intimate clubs and schools.

Huun Huur Tu are a traditional Tuvan group performing ancient music on ancient instruments accompanied by khoomei throat singing. Their music is remarkable.

I've been stalling on listening to their new album, ETERNAL, because in it they are paired with electronic composer Carmen Rizzo. I didn't want to hear this group I love and respect reduced to "world electronica." Time Magazine's poetic review is enthusiastic the new CD and all I've read elsewhere are positive reviews, so I did finally listen. It works. It actually works. This new album is beautiful and ethereal. Listen to samples and free downloads for yourself. What do you think?

"Pour a glass of something, close your eyes and let your soul soar through those boundless Tuvan skies." -- Veronica Zaragovia for Time Magazine

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