11 June 2010

FMA New Webjay

Once upon a time, there was a website called Webjay that employed cutting edge software of the day to create playlists of music files from the web. Users were able to create, save, and share these playlists. Today, we have the Free Music Archive for making those mixes, playlists, mixtapes, or compilations.

The beauty of the remarkable music in your playlists at the Free Music Archive is that it is all free and legally shared. Copyright issues were always a problem with Webjay.

I loved Webjay. It was exciting to hear new music from people worldwide. My playlist of Brazilian music at Webjay went viral with online popularity and surprisingly landed in the New York Times in 2004. Yahoo purchased Webjay in 2006 and closed the site in 2007.

Today, the wonderful Free Music Archive offers us all a playground for creating playlists of music we enjoy for free. Those playlists can be embedded anywhere on the web. Playlists of compiled tunes are available for download with one click. That's just one of the many excellent features available at the FMA.

We all now have the power to create, share, embed, and download mixtapes and share new artists with our friends -- and all for free! Thank you, Free Music Archive! See you there!

[Fellow webjays, you can find Webjay on Facebook, and there is also a Webjay group on Facebook.]

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