17 May 2010

Jane Siberry Shares Discography

Inimitable, complex, idiosyncratic, chanteuse Jane Siberry has chosen to make her discography available for free. Jane is offering 16 complete releases with booklets in both mp3 and aiff formats. Hopefully she will get a donation system going soon, because this is quite a large gift to offer the world.

If Jane Siberry is new to your ears, you are in for a treat. Her airy, delicate sound is singularly her own. Jane is beautiful. We can recommend our personal favorite albums as NO BORDERS HERE (1983) and SPECKLESS SKY (1985). Jane's self-titled album (1981) is similar to these two, and the only reason it is not a favorite is that we have not spent years with it as we have these two selections.

THE WALKING (1987) was critically acclaimed. You can disappear into its soundscapes. BOUND BY THE BEAUTY (1989) is a more pop, radio ready release with some catchy numbers. WHEN I WAS A BOY (1993) was co-produced by Brian Eno and Michael Brook and is considered Siberry's most eclectic work yet. Great ambient realms are created in that one.

Next came MARIA (1995) in which Jane performs with a jazz ensemble. Warm piano, bold brass, soft, then powerful. TEENAGER (1996) was Jane's first release on her own label. In this one, you can hear her freedom to do just as she pleases. She even revisits her very first songs. A DAY IN THE LIFE (1997) is an interesting sound collage wherein you actually follow Jane through a day.

NEW YORK TRILOGY (1999) is composed of three albums of material from three nights in 1996 at the Bottom Line nightclub in New York City. The last of which is songs for the Christmas season. In fact, much of Jane Siberry's more recent material reflects her faith. HUSH (2000) is made up of traditional American and Celtic selections, like "O' Shenandoah," "Old Man River," and "Streets of Laredo." SHUSHAN THE PALACE: HYMNS OF EARTH (2003) is a religious release of Christian hymns with an Early Music feeling.

After that nonsecular album, Jane Siberry gave away her possessions and changed her identity to Issa. She released DRAGON DREAMS and WITH WHAT SHALL I KEEP WARM? as Issa, as well as a third unreleased album. Among other themes, these address living with simplicity and character in nature. They flow like poetry.

Learn more about Jane at AllMusic.com and Wikipedia. Read about what she is up to now and why she has given you her music for free in recent articles at the Times Online, New York Times, and The Globe and Mail (photos).

For such an accomplished artist to give her work to the world in this way is a selfless gift. Thank you, Jane Siberry, you lovely woman.


01. Jane Siberry (1981)
02. No Borders Here (1983)
03. Speckless Sky (1985)
04. The Walking (1987)
05. Bound by the Beauty (1989)
06. When I Was a Boy (1993)
07. Maria (1995)
08. Teenager (1996)
09. Day in the Life (1997)
10. New York Trilogy (1999)
New York Trilogy, 1 Tree, Music for Films and Forests
New York Trilogy, 2 Lips, Music for Saying It
New York Trilogy, 3 Child, Music for Christmas
11. Hush (2000)
12. Shushan the Palace, Hymns of Earth (2003)
13. Dragon Dreams (2008)
14. With What Shall I Keep Warm (2009)

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  1. "Bound by the Beauty" is one of the greatest albums of all time.

    All of her stuff is a wonder and no music fan should pass this up! Thanks for spreading the word about her Kat!


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