15 May 2008

Radio News

Busy Doing Nothing radio program has a new timeslot, and here are two more shows you won't want to miss!

Busy Doing Nothing
Host: Charlie Lewis, WFMU veteran DJ
Genre: freeform
Time: Thursdays 6-8PM EST (3-5PM PST)
Station: WVEW-LP 107.7 FM, Brattleboro, Vermont
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The Sugar Shack
Host: the stylin' DJ Jimmy Bee
Genre: classic soul
Time: Sundays 10AM-Noon EST (7-9AM PST)
Station: Vibe 105.3 FM, Boston, Mass.
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Surface Noise
Host: the glamourous DJ Lounge Laura
Genre: 1980s punk and new wave classics
Time: Wednesdays 11PM-1AM EST (8-10PM PST)
Station: WMNF 88.5 FM, Florida
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