07 May 2008

Brand New Shirley and Spinoza!

XinjiangIt is with great excitement that we announce a brand new mix from Shirley & Spinoza Radio this week! Playlist, downloads, stream online at the Archive. The show was constructed from behind the Iron Curtain in Xinjiang, PRC.

For the uninitiated, shirley and Spinoza is a radio station. What can you expect to hear on the shirley and Spinoza radio stream 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

* excerpts, lifts and edits from our past pirate fm & webcasts
* excerpts from past live guest shows
* contemporary concoctions by s&S
* collage, music, radio and soundworks by our favorite soundmaking associates - near and far
* music the super-computer justs plain likes a whole lot
* extractions/ edits from the columns of old records that prop the virtual studio ceiling up
* old timey radio, stories
* field and travel recordings
* phone messages, call-ins
* stray noises, grabs from the ether (via shortwave radio)
* submissions from listeners!
* ..and more

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