15 April 2008

Tuesday Means Another Dozen

Tuesday is a real good news day. Here you have a new set of 12 free and legal collections and CDs! Eat up and be sure to spread the love by supporting these artists!

AxialPueblo Nuevo
Brazil artists who blend soft vocals, organic sounds, synth beds and electro glitches generating a gorgeous result
[Brazil, folk, electro]
Pueblo Nuevo
inspiring netlabel in Santiago, Chile, founded by Mika Martini and djef featuring Chilean electronic artists
VA - Tribute to a Love Singer
reinterpretations that only share the lyrics the original love songs by the masters
NullRepublik RecordsSchilli-SanJohn Frusciante
NullRepublik Records
Argentinian netlabel and Synthfonik Fest organizers with focus on artists from Argentina
[electro, synth]
Schilli-San - Smooth Situations
two years after its release, this 7-song CD still pops up in regular play at the Oddio House
[downtempo, urban]
John Frusciante
singer songwriter guitarist best known for his work with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, shares his demos
Luv soundError! Lo-FIBrunk
Luv sound
growing, thoughtful netlabel offering electroacoustic, drone, microchip and other styles
Error! Lo-FI
Spanish netlabel is the lo-fi folk pop subdivision of Error! Records
[lo-fi, folk, pop]
from Belgium comes this fine, "DIY lowbudget homerecording, w/o any musical restrictions or stylistic premises"
[guitar, lo-fi, pop]
D-TrashMorning ZephyrKip Jones
Canadian label shares its netlabel of more than 100 free breakcore, industrial and digital punk full-length releases
Morning Zephyr
three piece playing violin, piano, double bass and drums offers three releases of subtle pieces
[folk, jazz, experi]
Kip Jones
the violinist and pianist of Morning Zephyr shares works from his other bands and field recordings
[folk, jazz, field]


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