13 March 2008

Free Albums from The Milkshake Daddy and 8m2stereo

Two unusual free albums from friends of OddioOverplay.com

8m2stereo - tacet
free album released on Clinical Archives

8m2stereo recorded two tracks on the Calling All Fiends release, tfe. (oddi.version) and ght. (rmx).

Dan Century is a longtime friend and inspiration. He writes:

"After 8 nights of strumming, plucking, tapping, twisting, clicking, typing and sliding, the new Milkshake Daddy album is complete. The album is titled Secret Lives of Probes, Satellites and Rovers and it is a concept album. The album was created as part of the RPM Challenge; the challenge was to create an album in the month of February -- I accepted the challenge and completed on time."

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