04 December 2007

Beatles Annual Cover-a-thon at Lux

Yes, boys and girls, it is that time of year again! This Saturday, December 8th, LuxuriaMusic.com is hosting it's annual Beatles tribute in which they play no performances by the Fab Four themselves. Lots of fun! Oh and be sure to grab a t-shirt by Shag while you are there, and enjoy the new video feeds in the chat room. Nifty!

John Lennon
[9 October 1940 –
8 December 1980]

from last year's promotion...

LuxuriaMusic Says Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (And No, No, No!) to the Beatles on Dec. 8, 2006

LOS ANGELES, CALIF. To observe the 26th anniversary of John Lennon's death, Internet radio station LuxuriaMusic (www.LuxuriaMusic.com) will celebrate the music of the Beatles in its own special way this Friday: by not playing one single Beatles performance. Instead, LuxuriaMusic DJs will dig deep into their vinyl vaults and CD cabinets to spin a solid 24 hours of artists - from the sublime to the psychotic - covering Beatles songs.

Fans of the Fab Four will want to visit LuxuriaMusic.com to hear artists such as Ramsey Lewis, the Ventures, the Beach Boys, Enoch Light, Bud Shank, the Hollyridge Strings and Vinnie Bell interpreting Beatles classics.

Beatles non-believers can tune in to "enjoy" artists such as Pinky & Perky, Mrs. Miller and choruses of canines and out-of-tune children butchering the Beatles much like the band did to dolls on the original cover of their Yesterday and Today album. Station DJs who do not normally have Friday shows will be dropping by the studio to play mini-sets of Beatles-inspired gems from their personal collections.

"All of us at LuxuriaMusic genuinely love the Beatles, but pop culture is so saturated with Beatles music on oldies radio, television and commercials, that you don't really have to sit down and listen to them anymore. You can just hear them in your head, and you're satisfied," said program director Chuck Kelley. "So one of the few steadfast rules at LuxuriaMusic is, 'Don't play the Beatles!' There are so many other great under-appreciated artists to play. The way we pay tribute to them is by playing idiotic moog synthesizer versions of 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,' wordless-vocal covers of 'Yesterday' and also the unquestionably great, non-ironic cover versions that exist. It'll be fun for both the DJ and the listener. I promise!"


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