06 November 2007

Tuesday's Dozen

Tuesday is a real good news day. Here you have a new set of 12 free and legal collections and CDs! Eat up and be sure to spread the love by supporting these artists!

The ZverstvoThe Folkways CollectionBird Lantern - DuD EP
The Zverstvo
uninhibited vocals, rock and jazz instrumentation and a dose of mental illness
[avant-garde, experi, post-punk, avant-jazz]
The Folkways Collection
24 one-hour explorations of the music, words, and sounds that make up Smithsonian's Folkways Recordings)
Bird Lantern - DuD
EP of choice cuts from the Epic Dud LP by these 2 men from Adelaide, Australia who mix sampling and real instrumentation (myspace)
[hip hop, pop, blues]
CattywompusPierre Laniau - Erik Satie Pieces pour Guitare
Mighty Shiny
"recorded eleven furious power-pop anthems... we want you to hear it, so here's a digital version you can download for free" (preview at myspace)
[indie, pop, rock]
in the US Southern rock tradition, one reviewer writes, "is Black Crowes meets Small Faces meets Waylon Jennings meets Tom Petty meets Gram Parsons"
[classic rock]
Pierre Laniau - Erik Satie Pieces pour Guitare
Laniau performing guitar renditions of selected works by composer Erik Satie (1866-1925), Pierre's official site
Konfort RecordsOlga Scotland - Scotland YardThe Octopus Project
Konfort Records
"exclusive releases from some of our favorite Mexican electronic artists... from deep house to ambient, idm, minimal techno and more"
[electro, Mexico]
Olga Scotland - Scotland Yard
listen quirky instro album from Olga, a Russian musician and member of Zen-Zen-Zen
[lounge, experi, electro, world]
The Octopus Project
Austin rockers melding rock instruments, computer effects, mathematical arrangements
[rock, post-rock, electro]
Re:Up MixJohn ZealeyKiff'On
Re:Up Mix
Brooklyn's The Agriculture teamed up with a mag to offer label sampler
[downtempo, dance, chill out, breaks, dub, hip hop]
John Zealey - Notes From Number 14
Bowie-esque singer- songwriter offers download of entire demo album or preview and download separate tracks at last.fm
[pop, rock, indie]
these Frenchmen were born funky (né funky) and that is just what they aptly named the free EP they share (myspace)
[funk, disco, brass]

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