25 November 2007

Shirley and Spinoza Update

"It's confirmed! The s&S radio stream has at last found a new digital home (no, that's single space, rack mounted penthouse in the tallest skyscraper in the UK) from which to dispense these sounds to the world once again. Our preliminary tests went without a hitch, but now begins the next phase of moving the sonic merchandise across the Atlantic and getting everything in place before hitting the big sSwitch.

"Thanks to everyone who has pitched in for the cause! The donations will continue to go toward upkeep, site fees, a bowl of noodles every now and then, etc. The biggest thank you unequivocally goes to The Wolf, who has ultimately made this possible." -- Shirley and Spinoza

Meanwhile, the site, the vast program archive and the Royal Oculus and Gramophone Company subsite are also getting a rebuild. Yes, listeners, things are coming along swimmingly! Our most humble thanks to The Wolf and to those who donated.


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