15 November 2007

Organ Hemorrhaging Sonar and James Taylor?

UPDATE, January 2008: Letter from NRDC President 8 January 2008

James Taylor is asking concerned Americans to urge the U.S. Navy to abandon its proposal to put a training range for lethal mid-frequency sonar right next to a key migratory route for endangered right whales. Scientists have linked the use of mid-frequency sonar to hundreds of whale strandings and deaths around the world.

Navy warships use underwater speakers during routine sonar testing and training that blast the ocean with noise up to 245 decibels -- a sonic barrage roughly comparable to a Saturn V rocket at blast-off. That onslaught is so intense it can drive whales to panic and cause their organs to hemorrhage. Act now

(The National Resources Defense Council Action Fund will never keep, use or share the email addresses. This is the 2nd Blogio post on this concern this year. You can find the previous post here with more info and recordings.)

Me, I'm not a big James Taylor fan, but here are some "oceanic" sounds I do enjoy. After you visit the NRDC for a few secs to add your vote to Secretary Winter, please come back here to check out these releases:

Nelson Eddy with music by Ken Darby - The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met

a classic children's 78rpm set from the good people of KiddieRecords.com
dotTAPEdot - Sea-Scaping Monthly in 4 or 5 Movements

".Tape. is 26 year old Daniel Romero from Asturias, Spain. He wears glasses, likes playing with toy instruments such as the casio pt88, toy accordion, and a toy spanish guitar. He uses a very simple sequencer and records his toy instruments with a simple pc microphone. Bringing together his love for lo-fi indie pop with his love for melodic electro-pop, .tape. creates a unique story-book landscape..."
Vreemde Geluiden Radio Program - Splogman's offshore radio show

a show dedicated to water; also enjoy VA - Water, Wind and Sails by artists gathered together at the amazing Splogman's 52 Weeks to create a cool compilation celebrating water that was then released on WM Recordings</td>
- Herzog - Ocean! Be Our Blanket

Keywords: herzog; Bill Bawden; 12rec; 12rec.net; electronic; electroacoustic; ambient
D.soul - Ocean

Keywords: Electronic; House; Minimal House; Techno; Minimal Techno; Bumpfoot.net netlabel
Woody Woodpecker Presents... - Whopper Whale story [1957]

a short little tale about a proud whale with nothing to do whatsoever with Woody

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