02 August 2007

Les Inécoutables!

This morning was spent with old friends we met in 2002, Bide et Musique. "Bidet" is an Internet radio station featuring the worst of European novelty music 24/7. Ballads by children, love songs out of key, cartoony bubblegum, pop drivel, the unlistenable (les inécoutables) - they have it all. Tongue in cheek, Bidet knows there is some humor to be found in this oddio. Their radio window notes how many listeners are tuned in by stating the count of "sickos listening at this moment."

The Bide et Musique website is one of the best station sites around. The playlists all have scans of the recording artwork (usually 7" records) and info about each song. French speakers, you will enjoy their forums, association info, quizzes and encyclopedic database. The user comments about the dreck are hiliarious! If you are in France, you will enjoy their periodic parties!

from the site:

Bide&Musique, the cream of the cream of the webradios!

Bide&Musique, radio of the improbable gives you:

» priceless, forgotten or new bides*

» musical programming almost entirely containing discs vinyls, centered on the forgotten French variety tunes and French-speaking person of the Seventies and Eighties;

» themed programming (generic TV, eighties, italo-dance, pop, etc);

» programs devoted to the new productions of the artists of the database of B&M

» interactive communities, request shows with listener favorites, requests;

» regular evening events;

Bide&Musique, the living encyclopaedia

» An incomparable discography database, true gold mine of the French-speaking variety tune;

» interactive resources on the artists and the titles of the base;

» forums to divide, question, answer and discuss;

» many functions for fishing out info on the artists and songs, the subjects tackled in forums or the users and DJs;

» "Pochettoscope" to view images of the discs which we share;

» Quizzes to perfect bidesque culture and to have fun while learning;

» A diary to keep up to date with upcoming interesting events and shows.

*What is a bide?
Bide is piece of variety music (often sung, sometimes instrumental, sometimes one wonders) for which one has tenderness particular, to which one wishes to give an importance that it necessarily did not have in the history of the music and, of course, that one have pleasure to hear... and hear again... and...