16 July 2007

Disney Lux

Disney Night on Luxuria Internet Radio
Monday, July 16th: 7PM-10PM PST

It's the 52nd birthday of Disneyland! Come celebrate on the Kitsch Niche with Strike and his special guest, director and producer of animation, Jordan Reichek.

Jordan will share his very rare and eclectic collection of Disneylandia, including rare recording session outtakes, Disneyland commercials, weird "sing-along" records made at the park, theme park cover songs, and much, much more! He's also bringing along rare photos of the park which will be displayed on the Luxuria webcam!

You just tuned into happiest place on earth - LuxuriaMusic.com. What are you going to do now? I'M GOING TO THE KITSCH NICHE!!!!

Tune in now!
audio and video and chat

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