25 June 2007

Trick Grooving

Kiddie Records Weekly has a real nifty thing here. Have you seen it yet? I still haven't listened to all 256 stories.

The (Ever-So-Many) Amazing Adventures of Johnny [week 17] is the first of two "magic" albums offered this year. The Adventures of Bronco Bob (Week 33) will be available in August. Magic records are different from ordinary records in that each time you play a side you hear a different story! How does it work? Atlantic's "trick-grooving" process puts four record tracks on each side instead of the usual one. When you play a side, you never know which of the four grooves will play. Side 1 has four different beginnings and sides 2, 3 and 4 each have four different sequences. Every sequence dovetails into the next so they combine coherently to form one complete story. Since there are four possibilities on each side, the total number of different combinations is 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 = 256!

Enjoy two and a half years of weekly records at Kiddie Records Weekly. In addition to being entertaining, these 78 prm records are historic documents reflecting old-timey design, sound and ways of thinking. Each week offers time travel to the first half of the last century. Enjoy!


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