15 March 2007

Vinyl Covers

How about twenty covers to bring you some smiles this day?
  1. Foil - Ace of Spades [Motorhead cover] (mp3)

  2. Bob Rivers - Asshole Son [Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun parody] (mp3)

  3. Local H - Toxic [Britney Spears cover] (mp3)

  4. Pizzle - Flowers on the Wall [Lew Dewitt song made popular by the Statler Bros.] (mp3)

  5. The Dampness - I Believe In a Thing Called Love [Darkness cover] (mp3)

  6. Come and Get It - No Matter What [Badfinger cover] (mp3)

  7. The Pack - Do You Believe in Magic [Lovin Spoonful cover] (mp3)

  8. Innocence Mission - What A Wonderful World [Louis Armstrong cover] (mp3)

  9. Christina Marrs and the Speakeasies - Darling Nikki [Prince cover] (mp3)

  10. Zo! and Phonte of Little Brother - Africa [Toto cover] (mp3)

  11. Ruin - White Rabbit [Jefferson Airplane cover] (mp3)

  12. Blinker the Star - You [George Harrison cover] (mp3)

  13. Thurston Lava Tube - I Am The Walrus (live) [Beatles cover] (mp3)

  14. Skizz Cyzyk - My Boyfriend's in Killdozer [Young Fresh Fellows cover] (mp3)

  15. 4 Way Street - Helplessly Hoping [CSN and sometimes Y cover] (mp3)

  16. Atomic Punks - Runnin' with the Devil (live) [remarkable Van Halen cover] (mp3)

  17. Queen B - Bohemian Rhapsody [Queen cover] (mp3)

  18. Roymond - DMV [Primus cover] (mp3)

  19. Bomb - Personal Jesus [Depeche Mode cover] (mp3)

  20. ADULT LANGUAGE Lullabelle - They Threw Me Out of Church [Wesley Willis cover] (mp3) [from this tribute comp]


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