14 March 2007

The Coconut Monkeyrocket [and Martinibomb]

With BirdsGUESS WHAT! The Coconut Monkeyrocket has a brand new CD for sale! It is called With Birds. Hurray!

This is a solid CD of fantastic instrumentals the whole family can enjoy. Old-timers enjoy hearing new twists on familiar sounds, adults enjoy the seamless beauty of fun pieces, and kids enjoy the bouncy happy beats. This is the feel-good CD of 2007.

With Birds features cool new delicious tracks that are certain to become favorites, such as Juicy Jungle, Bumblebee, Snufflin' Dynamo, Fad Machine, Square Beer, Electrodomestico, Moonbeams and Destination Goo. The Coconut Monkeyrocket really proves himself to be a most fun modern lounge artist. This CD will be among my very favorites for years to come.

In addition to those new tracks, you will hear some favorite tunes you already love. Some are from past projects like these (that also happen to feature fellow artist Martinibomb):

Split EP Oddio Comfort

» Split! EP » The Oddio Comp » Comfort Cake

More to enjoy from The Coconut Monkeyrocket and/or Martinibomb:

Munsterbeat Blackmarket Bongo Avenger

» Munsterbeat (mp3) » Black Market Mambo (mp3) » Bongo Avenger (mp3)

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Click here while supplies last to get your own copy of
The Coconut Monkeyrocket's With Birds CD
Only $10 for a lovely professional quality CD.
(Wait until you see the silkscreening on the CD. Love it!)


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