09 March 2007

Captured! by Robots

Poor Jay Vance's story is that he created some robots, and in Frankenstein style, the bastards turned on him. The beligerent robots pulled out his intestines, and are now holding him hostage. These revolting robots, along with two stuffed apes and three headless horsemen, now force their human prisoner to travel the world playing twisted metal music with them.

"Captured! by Robots has been through a lot since the human JBOT's capture back in 1996. We have taken the human on ten national tours and have been received as one would expect. The term 'Holy shit' seems to be the most commom expletive uttered. Do you not believe? Oh, you will! C!BR has played with Public Enemy and Flock Of Seaguls (at G-Phoria video game award show in LA), Motorhead, Servotron, Man...or Astroman and many more. C!BR has been featured on UPN's 'Strange Universe' and on the discovery channel's 'Beyond Bizarre', Tech TV, ABC 7 6 o'clock news, and more...

"We have also humiliated JBOT at the Art Institute of San Francisco and at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco. C!BR has had articles in The New York Times, Spin Magazine (June 2001), The New Yorker Magazine,Gene Simmons Tongue Magazine, Rocktober (where we were voted the #1 robot rock band), Bikini Magazine, Heeb Magazine, Churn, and many more...." -- from the official site

> Captured! by Robots - We Are Superior

When they came to town here, the bookig agent asked if the "robots" would need hotel rooms, as well. Nope, the robots keep Jay under surveillance in the same single bed hotel room. They do not sleep.

> Captured! by Robots - I Hate Your Techno

Right about now, you may be asking, "What unholy dementia is this?!" Decide for yourself at the official Captured! by Robots website.


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