05 February 2007

Optiganally Yours and 808 Mistake

Optiganally Yours is a band featuring the Optigan. What's that? Well...

In the early 70's, Mattel devised this OPTIcal orGAN to play back the sounds of REAL instruments, encoded on celluloid discs like concentric rings of movie soundtrack.

Listeners of WFMU know them well, and you can too by visiting their website, mp3 page and MySpace page.

Rob and Pea who make up the band have another project called 808 Mistake. An 808 is Roland TR-808 drum machine that was very popular in the 1980s. This college project is news to me, and it has me grinning. 808 Mistake is also on MySpace with four gems for download. Just added "I Like Monkeys" to a cd-r for a 9-year old friend. Fun stuff!


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  1. "Fritatta" is a non-808 track featuring matt lorenz as mc.


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