22 February 2007

Dagos, Gitarrenarmee and More

Enjoying Dagos and Gitarrenarmee today, and thought I should should share them with you. Here they are with other current WM Recordings releases.

Spheriot - Livingroom Orbits

"Spheriot is a one-man project. There has never been any kind of concept in the music - or any aim to sound like this or that. It just evolves from the songs I have always been writing on my guitar..."
sample mp3: 03. Mindless

Necronomikon Quartett - Input

"The members of Necronomikon Quartett repeatedly discussed this issue but they really can not offer any description or label for their music. All they can say is that the songs have no words and the band uses guitar, bass, drums and sometimes keyboards/sequenzer, cello, theremin, percussion, voice, marimbaphon, kazoo and rotating tubes."
sample mp3: 01. Sofawende

Lee Rosevere - Play 2

"... the second in a series of releases by Lee Rosevere that focus on experimental, ambient and imaginary soundtrack works."
sample mp3: 01. Stare On An Empty House

Nambavan - Chechnya on a Dance Floor (pt.2)

"... a companion release to Chechnya on a dance floor, Nambavan's first release on WM Recordings. Twenty untitled tracks without voice, about 50 minutes of dance."

Doron Deutsch - Big Bright Lights

Modern space electro-jazz.... This album, is a sci-fi sort of a story, where I played everything, it moves from electronic to guitar and bass sounds, to create the right mood."
sample mp3:
01. Bright Lights

Dagos - Ten years backwards

"As for the kind of music we play we think there is only one thing to be said about it: think about the sixties! Dago is an american slang word which immigrants of italian origin living in the Usa in the '20 used to be called by."
sample mp3: 01. Love's But a Dream

René Vis - Traded Time

"All tracks written and put together by René Vis at home in Haarlem, the Netherlands. Equipment: Yamaha QY20, samples, Olympus DW90 and Samsung YP-MT6."
sample mp3:
01. Teen-ager man-ager

Gitarrenarmee - Composing After Playing Part 1-4

"The 'Gitarrenarmee' (Guitar Army) does not stand for militarism, not even for discipline. The ensemble is a free union, which exists more in the heads of the four musicians than in the real music landscape.... No musical piece resembles another, no live-set is performed twice."
sample mp3:
01. Composing After Playing part 1

Zloty Dawai - Dada Work Chant

"Take your seat and have another journey into the weird accoustic world of Zloty Dawai. Is it Free Jazz? Is it Noise? Totally improvised - no overdubs - no censorship."
sample mp3: 05. Dada Work Chant


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  1. A big thanks for the links. Two more new releases have gone online today!


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