03 November 2006

Third day of November


01. Brian Eno - Third Uncle
[thanks to]

02. The Band - Third Man Theme
[thanks to]

03. Anton Karas, TheFirst Man of the Zither Plays - The Third Man Theme

04. Francis Goya - Third Man Theme
[thanks to]

05. The Skatalites - Third Man Ska
[merci a]

06. Controversy Kills - Third Try Is A Charm
[official site]

07. Dead Heroes - Third World City
[thanks to] [more] [official site]

08. BLS Junior Band - Fanfare for the Third Planet
(have a thing for amateur marching bands) [thanks to]

09. Paul Speer - Third Stone from the Sun
[thanks to] [official site]

10. Axel Coon - Third Base
(dance music) [thanks to]

11. Bunch of songs titled Third String

12. and from Slate Magazine comes a spoken article by
June Thomas - Why Can't I Use My Third Arm?


  1. Wanted to post a bunch of third movements, but come on jeez.

    Am I alone in thinking CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND is one of the scariest soundtracks ever? Listen to that with headphones and with your eyes closed. Yeah, there are the John Williams touches, but he wrote some creepy material for a space movie.

  2. Thanks for Karas' Third Man Theme. I saw the 1948 film for the first time last week and I was floored by the soundtrack. Great movie, great music!

  3. Third!

    (and thanks for these, Katya!)

  4. thanks for 'third uncle' by eno. i'd not heard it before other than the Bauhaus version. The similarities and differences are perfect. This version has eno's experimental grains, but you can see why the Bauhaus liked it.

  5. miss tiff eyed06 November, 2006

    thanks for the punk. thanks for the glenn miller too. he was killed during wwii, so he deserves day of dead remembrance too.

  6. I know the band Controversy Kills pretty well....in fact I know alot about that song " Third Try Is A Charm"


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