01 November 2006

Happy Birthday!

Extra special HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes to Blogio teammates Perri and Fausto. Send them your happy regards or post a comment here for them. Perri's birthday is in late October and Fausto's is in early November. When is yours?

Comfort CakeThree years ago on this day, a wonderful project was born. It was Comfort Stand Recordings, a totally free netlabel. In its brief lifespan, that netlabel laid down the example for others to follow. Comfort Stand released 80 full length and 2-CD recordings, as well as 18 singles and EPs.

Birthday SongsTo celebrate its first anniversary "of being online, providing free music and sharing the love," artists put together a 2-CD celebration release on the label. Oddio Overplay celebrated by creating a playlist of more than 100 birthday songs found on the web. Three years later, only 65% of the songs were still there, so I updated it for you today. The list now weighs in with more than 200 birthday tracks. Play them for yourself on your birthday or your un-birthday!

Also, SongFight.org has a collection of birthday songs, Various Artists - Birthdays and Breakups.

WMWhile the Comfort Stand offices may have closed, the music is still available online. Equally important, the sister label, WM Recordings is still going strong. Marco Kalnenek [Weirdomusic] worked on and was a recording artist for Comfort Stand. It inspired him to create WM Recordings to release even more free and legal music to the world. They have already shared 52 releases. Happy Birthday to all of us!


  1. Happy Birthday Perri and Fausto! Thank you for sharing music and supporting musicians.

  2. **Thank you!**
    --and Best Birthday Wishes to Fausto!

  3. [Fausto wrote, but the Great Firewall of China kept him from posting to Blogspot. Here is his message. -k.]

    Perri - Happy belated...

    mmm hmmm! not having any cake today on this end but the yummy local Uyghur version of baklava on steroids is gonna be gracing my party table tonight! I'm toasting with a big perfect chunk to the honorable Perri and a with delicious corner slab for you good Ms. K!

    Our one quality Made-In-The-USA frisbee got run over by a bus and
    finally fell apart last week. If anyone ever heads out here to the
    city furthest from the sea, bring a real Wham-O frisbee and win a
    dozen life long pals!

    Happy Birthday too to all that have been born at any point in their lives.

  4. miss tiff eyed06 November, 2006

    how do you find more than 200 birthday songs? it is crazy.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to the Talented and Kooky Perri and Fausto. The Internet is a Better Place Thanks to People Like You.


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