12 September 2006

Love Today

Some sounds to love today:

:: fantastic cover by Jonathan Coulton of little Justin's "Rock and Roll Boy" from Comfort Stand's PARTY FUN WITH RECORDERS

:: Jean Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman have a 10 minute mp3 talking about and playing selections from their new CD, Happy Electropop Music Machine, due out September 25th

:: squirrels, songs about and by these furry critters

:: Podsville, Bill puts together CDs of old vinyl, mostly space age pop, for his friends, then hosts the entire records on his site to share with the world. Great fun!

:: Clinger Sisters spotlight on Test Pattern radio show, serious bubblegum from Patrick who made those SUNSHINE POP LOVE CD collections

:: Why Fidelity?, podcasts by Senses Working Overtime [archives]

:: Beatlegs Podcasts, where I finally heard John Lennon's "Daddy's Little Boy" song in show 17


  1. Phecking crazy you have Rock n Roll Boy at the top when I was just revisiting Lullabelle. Justin AKA Mary still is a rock boy, I guess. www.junkstand.com/sounds.html

  2. Spooky! I am at Lullabelle RIGHT THIS SECOND! That song has been looping in my head for so long. It is so Rick Derringer. I'm hoping to replace it with some Lullabelle.

    Hey Angie, why don't you do something on the new Halloween project?

  3. You turned me on to Lullebelle. If you can make a long list of fucking squirrel songs for WFMU why can't you do it here? You used to do great comps of online music. What happened? I love those things and have every one burned to cdr with cover . I bought a lot of music by previewing it through you first. I miss the monthly comps and the theme comps and the Webjay comps. That's all I have to say. Bring that back soon? ((this is Simi btw))

  4. Even I don't have those burned to CDs! Wow! That is really cool!

    They were a lot of fun to compile and share, and I met so many cool artists that way, but time time time. Also, I have felt all year that Oddio Overplay is a relic, a thing of the past. The blog culture has taken over. Fellow online music freak EC Brown has similar sentiments about his own music listing.

    If time permits, it would be fun to make the comps again. Until then, keep checking all the feeds in your aggregator for more music that you can listen to in a human lifetime.

  5. ALSO - thank you for telling me this. It is my very favorite thing to read from folks who enjoy Oddio Overplay. Makes me feel all the effort is worth it to help out the artists I love.

    "I bought a lot of music by previewing it through you first."



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