08 May 2006

Ugress Side Project - Shadow of the Beat

You remember the marvelous Ugress of Norway? These great tunes ought to refresh your memory.

= Ugress - Swing E Sesso [remix] (revised link)
= Ugress - Coffee
= Ugress - Monochromatic World

and remember these videos?

Ugress w Therese Vadem - Makina Fifth
[surprisingly tragic]

by: Fruitcake
Ugress - Manhattan Sapphire
by: Planet Earth


on official site...

A new record company see's the grim digital light of the day!

Uncanny Planet Records, Ugress' very own beautiful label, celebrates its sudden appearance by announcing the immediate release of Nanokaravan, May 8th. This is the debut album from another Ugress sideproject, Shadow Of The Beat. Go visit them and feast on free downloads. And then buy the album or die.

and in the mail...

We are not lazy. We are working insanely hard on the next Ugress album, as the album progress statistics on ugress.com clearly tells us. You can't argue with numbers.

But we also find time to become record company moguls and release another ourselves! This Monday, May 8th, sees the debut release of Ugress side-project Shadow Of The Beat. Its the evil twin clone of Ugress, just as organic but quite frenetic and adventurous. The album "Nanokaravan" is released on our super fresh and beautiful own record company Uncanny Planet Records.

Take notice! This is a limited edition release, there is only printed 500 copies and there will not be printed any more. So grab it if you can, it should be available in major Norwegian record shops. It is also available for purchase directly from the website.

For complete album preview, free music and more, head to


Best regards,
Ugress / Shadow Of The Beat


  1. Marsha Marsha22 May, 2006

    Ugress is awesome! Oddio Overplay totally introduced me to Ugress. I read online that I am not alone. "Grooving with Ugress" by the Idiotprogrammer blog sounds like they found Ugress through this blog, too. Here is the way I first heard Ugress in October 2004.

  2. Yo Daddy29 May, 2006

    How did you find this amazing Norwegian? AMAZING FUN!


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