24 May 2006

Mix Market

Tired of the same songs in your player? Commercials keeping you from turning on the radio? Interested in hearing something new?

Thought just maybe, so here a few favorite sites for downloading mixes handmade by cut-and-paste geniuses. Thinking about the time invested in these - sometimes weekly - blows the mind. Some DJs never sleep.

UPDATE: Reader Yo Daddy reminds everyone about the psychedelic mixes at CAST EXOTIC, especially their Otic Radio shows - "a stream of sonic ideas and modern music culling from over the past 50 years... psychedelic, avant-garde, experimental, punk, noise, psychUnderground, etc." Thanks, Yo Daddy!

:: Basstar.de 30 Minuten Megatapes
via De:Bug Pod: "For a while the Basstar.de Crew is running a mixtape website.

"The idea is to present 30 minutes mixes (half a tape), the shortest DJ discipline, with the maximum of content. DJing as an artform; it’s not about playing 12 tracks in 60 min. Still these mixes are no boring scratch routine showcases, you rather hear big stacks of vinyl formed into an individual piece of art (sweat, very long nights and complaining neighbours included).

"I dont want to bore you to death, just like to mention no computer bullshit was used for editing or so. and no genre boundaries."
style: breakbeat

:: Audio Kitchen with The Professor
via WFMU: "The Professor serves up an hour of homemade recordings freshly liberated from thrift stores and junk shops, as well as some amateur audio spirited away from the closets and computers of their creators. We will podcast reruns from the Audio Kitchen archives."
style: thematic nostalgia

:: LIVE: on Shirley & Spinoza
"Live streams beamed directly from the catacombs of Oakland." [Seriously, I love this one.]
style: experimental

:: Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza
"Live improvised sound experiment, collaged while you listen. New show audio added to podcast approximately bi-weekly."
style: experimental

:: Ebony Cuts
[Great for shaking that booty.]
style: 1972-85 disco

:: James Lauer's Chicago Underground Sessions
"Tech-House, Tribal & Progressive beats in motion. Hosted by James Lauer, Chicago Underground Sessions is a monthly exclusive mix for Proton Radio that features the top underground house DJ's and most forward thinking producers. The show focuses on featuring both well-established international artists as well as notable guest DJ's from Chicago, the Midwest and beyond."
style: electronica genres

:: Radiophon'ic 2003
"Built in the heart of the city [Brussels], the Brigittine Chapel draws us into ourselves through its spirit. A space for listening and performing, agora for exchange and debate. The radio in all its uproar and explosion.

"From wave broadcasting to web streaming, the invisible part of this RADIOPHON’iC island is a transitory and short-lived experimental radio, whose heart [did] beat for a week to the rythme of sounds, words, voices, encounters and creations.

"To retrieve the sounds of the lost radio through the presence and work of contemporary artists : the lame but spontaneous experiments of the forerunners, the hidden ideologies of the war partisans, the social and friendly sounds of the pre-TV years, and the destabillising and anxious sensation created by Orson Welles. Invent together tomorrow’s radiophonic use.
A human experiment."
style: varied styles of the DJs, experimental

:: Basic Hip Digital Oddio [of all places]
The mixtape project ended after the sixth week, but you can still enjoy the Great American Music Machine and Space Age Pop Music program streams.
style: space age pop, lounge


  1. Yo Daddy29 May, 2006

    Katya, you are totally the one who told me about the psychedelic mixes at CAST EXOTIC


    How about their Otic Radio shows?

    "A stream of sonic idea's and modern music culling from over the past 50 years... psychedelic, avant-garde, experimental, punk, noise, psychUnderground, etc...."

  2. Gingerbread31 July, 2006

    Heard about this guy through Mexicovers:

    DJ Augustin


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