24 January 2006

Radio Zwolle

Everyone's favorite Dutch music teacher, Splogman Jan Turkenburg, creator of 52 Weeks and SPLUSP also has a radio show on Radio Zwolle, The Netherlands. Jan presents a two hour program the first sunday of each month. Archived copies of his shows are available for a limited time in the Radio Zwolle archives.

Jan writes:

[Adorable little girls] Nathalie and Deborah sing in [the January 22nd] extra show on Radio Zwolle, The Netherlands.

Listen online:

* (shoutcast)
* http://zwolle.dahstream.nl/radio.phpklik
* http://zwolle.radiostream.nl/real8470.ram
* http://zwolle.dahstream.nl:8028/listen.pls

There's no online playlist this time, but the show will contain some music that was posted [in the Splusp group] by me and the Tod as well as a lot of bird noises, Bolivian animal songs, Dutch contemporary composer Chiel Meijering, Fay Lovsky, André Popp, Tomita, Tony Borello, The Clarinet Choir M'Pingo from 52 weeks, and a lot of cats.

download show part 1 - download show part 2

After broadcast the shows will be available for a month at this page: http://www.omroepzwolle.nl/opnames/ (scroll down to the right date, and look for "Radio Zwolle Klassiek").


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  1. i meant to tell you that i like this guy's site and all the splogman stuff. thank you for telling me about his radio show. i thought it was just a one time appearance on radio zwolle. i like the meow meow theme.


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