31 October 2005

Trick or treat?

More treats just for you! Bob for these apples soon before the worms eat them up!

New Mayfair Dance Orchestra - The Haunted House
[Doesn't he sound like that dreamboat Cary Grant? ]

Bubi and Bob - I'm A Mummy
[refers to "Kookie, Kookie (Lend Me Your Comb)" - Ed Byrnes and Connie Stevens]

Patsy Montana - Yodeling Ghost
[dedicated to Perri!]

21 October 2005


Steadman [allmusic bio] was a fabulous British pop group. Pop god Paul MaCartney dug them, too. Group member Simon writes:

Steadman was a breaking act on the once great Elektra records until [the record label] folded. Paul McCartney himself was such a fan that he came to a show and sang with me. He also HAND-wrote a letter saying so.

Despite what the record labels make us think, musicians (even those on major labels) just want to get their music out there. They want to be paid enough to make a living so they can make music instead of getting a job at the grocery store. But more than anything they want to get their music out there to the world.

So - as of today, you can download all Steadman music for free at our website, www.steadmanband.com All of it. No catch!! There are over 130 downloads at our site including our self produced (with the help of Eric Faulkner from the Bay City Rollers) debut album "Loser Friendly" which was recorded in a pig shed for about $1500 but easily sounds like it cost $2000.

We are also giving away our Elektra album REVIVE which cost significantly more to record but it wasn't our money so we don't care. I also don't care what a defunct corporation says - this is my music and I want people to hear it!

Revive was produced by Alain Johannes and Natasha Shneider from the band Eleven. They are currently performing in the band Queens of the Stone Age.

18 October 2005

700 Hobo Names

700 Hobo Names700 Hobo Names

Yes, 700. Averaging over a dozen hobos per minute, John Hodgman reads this fabulous list of names, each with a musical lilt of its own. I love the names--I love the idea. Thank you, Hodg-Man!

Hobos and Railroads, Outlaws and Outcasts
Bygone Ballads

ReelTime Travelers
Old-time String Band music, including some nice train strains

Western Railroad Songs
Songs of railroad planning and construction

16 October 2005

ROGC: Church of the Lustful Frog

Tonight on Shirley & Spinoza Internet Radio - LIVE:
The Royal Oakland Gramophone Company presents:
The Church of the Lustful Frog.

hey - what's a little amphibian divinity between close friends?

TONIGHT - October 16th, 2005
8pm [Pacific] / 11pm [Eastern]

tune in live and nothing you hear is more than 10 seconds old! though the archive of the show will go up in a day or two

10 October 2005

Strings Attached!

strings attached!

I was in a thoroughly jazzy, gypsy, stringy mood this weekend! Here are some of the wonderful bands that kept that wanderful mood going strong:


•=• Les Yeax Noirs •=•

•=• Luminescent Orchestrii •=•

•=• Swing Booty •=•

•=• DeVotchKa •=•

•=• Swing Gitan •=•

•=• Devil In The Kitchen •=•

Update: KEXP presents DeVotchKa and Rogue Wave live from the Museum of TV and Radio in NYC (download performance mp3) [53:50]