31 July 2005

Hey, Your Ant's On The Phone

Summer has a thorough grip on us here along the Texas Gulf coast. The dogs are too hot to chase cars. Only the mosquitos are staying busy, working hard as ever. The rest of us are moving much more slowly. We are accompanied day and night by an insect symphony with a lot on the program. Sounds like Summer, alright.

I've been enjoying this summer's bug broadcast so much that I went poking around for more:

There hasn't been a cricket in the house in ages. Well, at least, I didn't think so. While playing sounds from these sites, a crickety chirp started rasping out from behind the couch. Hmmmm, I wonder if playing some bat sounds will make those mosquitoes nervous.

16 July 2005

Super Sounds

A New Super Sounds collection has been posted at Oddio Overplay to bring you hours of enjoyable free and legal music. A great pick for a happy weekend is Fanny Alger, a fun band who describes themselves as "good-times punk rock able to smile at itself."

07 July 2005

05 July 2005


Nugs.net, the source for live jam concerts online, now has a weekly downloadable show made up of songs performed by various artists.

The current show features artists performing at last month's Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee. They have got Galactic's Krewe de Carnivale featuring Leo Nocentelli - original member of the Meters who defined New Orleans funk, members of The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Kermit Ruffins, Boyd Tinsley from The Dave Matthews Band, and American Idol's Bo Bice. Next Particle brings out a full gospel choir to blow through the Sly And The Family Stone catalog, O.A.R. (Of a Revolution) plays a crazy game of poker, and John Prine serenades us with a Bonnie Raitt classic.

Older Nugcasts are archived, too!

M.Ace - Steel-String Flat Top Sedition

M.Ace - Steel-String Flat Top Sedition is a new web album of "primitive acoustic guitar instrumentals" from M.Ace of Ookworld fame. M.Ace was also half of Narthex.

04 July 2005

Dia de la Independencia

LanarkDia de la Independencia - Independence Day, a new EP by the infamous Lanark of Argentina, is available for free on his site.

4th and 9th of july are close enough. why not celebrate then, together, the independence of the united provinces of south and the united states of the north? that's what I did, in the form of a handful of patriotic marches, a little changed.

01 July 2005

Strike up the Band

July brings Canada Day, United States of America Independence Day, Bastille Day in France, and probably many other celebrations of nationality. A classic Sousa record has been added to the Oddio Overplay site for the festivities. For other marching band type music, check out these sites:

1. The Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps
2. Canadian Military Music
3. Danish and German Police Music
4. USCA Band Here's to America CD
5. USAF Band 42 marches