31 July 2005

Hey, Your Ant's On The Phone

Summer has a thorough grip on us here along the Texas Gulf coast. The dogs are too hot to chase cars. Only the mosquitos are staying busy, working hard as ever. The rest of us are moving much more slowly. We are accompanied day and night by an insect symphony with a lot on the program. Sounds like Summer, alright.

I've been enjoying this summer's bug broadcast so much that I went poking around for more:

There hasn't been a cricket in the house in ages. Well, at least, I didn't think so. While playing sounds from these sites, a crickety chirp started rasping out from behind the couch. Hmmmm, I wonder if playing some bat sounds will make those mosquitoes nervous.


  1. For my 8th birthday, I begged for a tape recorder. Felt like the luckiest kid ever when I actually got one. Recorded my sister and mom at our little "party," but the first real recording was of the crickets outside. I wanted to be able to hear them all the time, not just at night. I love insect songs! Thanks for these links!

  2. What a cool kid!

    Hey, I've got a cricket here I can mail to you! ;-)


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