23 May 2005

Have You Heard?

Sorry to be so busy lately. No, no, now don't you go thinking I love you any less. Just so so so busy. Miss ya! Here are some things that reminded me that I really need to speak with you.

Smart-Music.netSmart-Music.net hosts a fab new compilation featuring artists from The Agriculture.

Find downtempo abstract beats, understated instrumentals reflecting a deep sunrise vibe and - most of all - a sympathetic sound. Nonchalant. Rugged. Timeless. Uplifting. These beatz are therapy for the soul, a soundtrack for the down home crew.

Chenard Walcker and friends can be heard on his Free Sample Zone netlabel. It used to be a division of his site, but now it has blossomed with its own domain, FreeSampleZone.com, with a full catalog of treasures.

Ouim Records is an independent internet label centered in Sofia, Bulgaria, started in the beginning of 2005. Their goal is to promote all kinds of electronic music, in any tone of the progressive, tech, groovy, experimental, deep.

Brand new radio show from Splogman! Hear the 22 May 2005 Splogcast at Splusp!

The Party Party have new tracks on their site.

All our Vinyl Preservation Sharity Society pals have fine offerings for you. Check 'em out!

Working my way through the mailbag, so more to come.

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