12 April 2005

News and Updates

has a total site overhaul and new sounds.

2. Chenard Walcker
, the man who never sleeps, has been very busy. Many releases wait for your ears, including a Rumbatraciens release.

3. Luke Janela
extended the projected hosting time for his Drama Club CD.

4. Still months behind on email. Getting there!

5. Oddio Overplay has finally been updated for April. Hurray! That includes two new pages of Super Sounds chosen for you. This month features podcast receivers. April's edition of Tunes in Overplay is in the works.


  1. Good site, with some excellent music. Keep it going.

  2. I really enjoy visiting your site and blog, you're great !

    Come and see my mp3 blog :

    Sorry, it's in french...

  3. Thanks, folks! Happy to bring some happiness.


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