07 March 2005

Brand New Netlabel Releases

Here are some of the brand new netlabel releases at the Internet Archive. These are currently in play in our environments. The set opens up with R. Stevie Moore. Personally, I think his Comfort Stand release is more fun, but that may just be from overplaying it! The Winter Tales compilation is quite varied, so even if the first tracks aren't your cup of tea, you might get lucky! I'm feeling pretty lucky hearing all of these releases that I'd have never found without the Internet and the Internet Archive! Enjoy!

R. Stevie Moore - Hobbies Galore [LF060MP3]
March 5th, 2005
"Legendary American DIY godfather RSM. This is a monumental 16 songs retrospective of his most appealing pop originals of over 1000 songs for 35 years."
Netlabel: Lost Frog Productions, Japan
Categories: Acoustic; Lo-Fi; Pop; Rock

allthatfall - hopecrash [luv005]
March 2005
"kevin (allthatfall) has a way with tiny sounds. his samples sometimes flow and sometimes fight - guitars crashing through a quintet of humming radiators or maybe the fey voices of children and passersby. it's probably because he sometimes records as panda kommander that i can't shake the image of monochrome figures of panda bears bubbling out of his synthesizers like so many angled bleeps and crackles... pandacore!"
Source: allthatfall.em411.com
Categories: microtones; electronic; breakbeat

Eloi Brunelle - Psychotonic EP [EPS14]
March 4th, 2005
"Here's a man who definitely needs no introduction: Eloi Brunelle, man at the center and founder of the Epsilonlab label. This explosive release still red hot from the lab's furnaces and destined to shine demonstrates how his sound is threaded with his personality. Open those ears and receive the very essence of Epsilonlab, via four distinctive tracks with souls of their own. It's a roller-coaster ride starting with a biting, deep intro transforming into the energy of the mad scientist and his contraptions sliding through a warm, festive jet stream rouding up with a slow concoction that will make you smile.
Netlabel: Epsilonlab, Quebec
Categories: Electronic; Techhouse

Various Artists - Winter Tales [open005]
February 28th, 2005
"Winter Tales is a compilation of four tracks choosen by the users of openlabrecords.com among those submitted for the OpenLab Winter Tales project. Spirit of the project was to create tracks based on winter moods: ice outside and fire inside. Procaine, Vudeux, Cube and Mais told us the best tales gathered round the fireside."
Netlabel: Open Lab Records, Italy?
Categories: Ambient; Chill; Ballad

Night Look Back - Early Summer EP
February 2005
"Release from Ukraine breakbeat band. 4 tunes with breakbeats, massive bass line, and guitars"
Netlabel: reamp3 Underground, Russia
Categories: Breakbeat

Various Artists - Soft then Hard LP [clever005]
February 2005
Netlabel: Clever Music, Britain
Categories: Minimal Techno; electronic

D'incise - Detour EP [ac012]
February 28th, 2005
"Alpinechic presents it s twelfth release: D'Incise "Detour". From Geneva in the french part of Switzerland D'Incise takes us in a 5 track journey of micro breakbeats, bleep electronica, dubby subbass, minimal sound exploration and sets us in an almost 30 minutes dream that will keep you pressing play and repeat without even noticing."
Netlabel: AlpineChic, Switzerland
Categories: micro breakbeats, bleep electronica, dubby subbass, minimal sound


  1. You sure are rocking on the blog updates lately. I wish I had larger eyes so I could better take in all the goodness here!

  2. Hey there! It always blows me away when I find I have spent an hour on a blog post. What?! Glad you are diggin' it!


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