03 February 2005

Uncle Neptune News

Uncle Neptune!Exciting News!! Uncle Neptune is in the studio again creating new magic! Also, UncleNeptune.com is offering the covers and inserts with artwork by the amazing Billy Blob for each of his freely downloadable CDs. The CD inserts are all round, because they were originally released with c-shell CD cases. The first CD case was yellow, second blue, and third green. You'll find them in the FUN section of the site.

In his NEWS section, Uncle Neptune sends out thanks to OddioOverplay.com for traffic. That means YOU, because you are visiting his site and telling the world about it. Thank YOU for visiting and supporting artists featured on Oddio. Hurray! The Internet works!

For those who are new to Uncle Neptune, boy oh boy, are you in for a treat! This is from the Featured Archives:

Uncle Neptune, cousin to Tiny Tim and Mr. Rogers, has chosen to share his 3 CDs online. Once you fall in love with them, you can easily donate to Uncle Neptune on his site. You will fall in love with them, too!

He and his friends make sweet happy music to brighten your day. An immediate favorite is The Good In Everything. Sesame Street really ought to hear the song I Like Being Me, featuring Jean Bean. It sounds perfect for the show.

The first CD is self-titled. The second CD Music For a Rainy Day seems addressed to a shorter audience with Uncle Neptune speaking after each track. In A Perfect World is CD three and it hosts a number of other artists and singers.

The incredible [and beloved] Billy Blob does the graphics for the site. His cartoons were on Wired's Animation Express. Karma Ghost is a true gem.

For the introduction to darling Uncle Neptune, many thanks to Marco of WeirdoMusic.com and Peter of CosmicTones.com. Oddio fans are sure to love their oddiocentric sites, as well!