23 February 2005

Torture Tape Experiments

Since issue 19 of Chunklet came out with the torture tapes, I have listened to folks listing the contents of their own battle tapes. The idea is to pull the most wretched audio from your own records and put it on a tape, then swap with a friend. Loop those things for 18 hours, and see who survives.

Now, let me tell ya, I cringe in pain at the sound of silverware being put into the drawer. I will careen into anyone to hit the power button to shut down religious radio. Tears of suffering well up in my eyes when high pitch electronica drones in my headphones. [Aren't you glad to have me as your filter? Suffering so that you won't have to, now that is some love.]

HOWEVER, I have a sincere appreciation for you oddiophiles after this experiment. We enjoyed the tapes. Oh hell yeah, we can take this torture like freggin masochists. More, more, more!
The Mission:
Create for combat purposes a tape so wretched and foul that anyone who listens to it for 24 hours will never be able to think straight again. Some minor guidelines being that the material must be predominantly from your own record collection and should fit a standard 90-minute cassette tape. Some of you would consider that old school, but to us it just makes it more annoying.

Survive a full waking day (roughly 18 hours) of an opponent’s battle mix. Pure hate drives the competition. There are no true breaks from the sonic storm. The music must remain at least 70 decibels at all times. Cheaters only cheat themselves of surviving pure audio torture. This is not for the weak at ear. Hearing loss and bad taste are pluses in this endeavor.

Well, what would you put on your battle mix? [tell the group!] Have any tunes in common with these folks over at Stereogum and MetaFilter?

Here is a little peek into our world. Some radio we oddiophiles love that might break weaker ears:
- Shirley and Spinoza, on your knees before the gods of battle mix
- Bide et Musique, the worst of European novelty music 24/7
- Cantonese Opera House, all traditional Chinese opera, all the time

Stand tall, cookies. We are the champions, my friends. Oh hell yeah, bring it. Freggin champions!

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