27 February 2005

Bye Bye iTunes?

ml_iPod plugin allows you to copy songs (MP3 & MP4 AAC) to your Windows iPod using Winamp [official ml_iPod site]

some additional features:
:: iPod Shuffle supported
:: Artist-Album view
:: Smart Playlists
:: Playlist Support
:: Reverse & Forward Sync
:: On The Go Playlist Support

Winamp Staff Review:
Kiss iTunes goodbye. Send music to and from your iPod directly from the Winamp Media Library. Nothing could be easier.

User Review: Feb. 24, 2005
"Before this plug in I seriously considered getting rid of my iPod. I just could not stand iTunes. It slowed my computer up so much.... I was going to sell my iPod and get another mp3 player; that's how bad iTunes is."

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